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Welcome to the Chef's Resource Guide. Here culinarians and those interested in a culinary education, careers, and/ or events can utilize this guide for up-to-date information. If you would like to suggest a new resource or request a link exchange, please email

Culinary Art
Culinary art is the art of cooking. A culinarian is a culinary artist. A culinarian working in a restaurant is referred to as a cook or a chef. Culinary artists are expected to prepare meals which please both the mouth and the eye. In recent times, they are additionally expected to possess knowledge of gastronomics (food science), as well as a comprehension of diet and nutrition.Click on the link to find out more about:
Culinary Careers
The field of culinary arts is comprised of professionals who work, in either a direct or indirect capacity, in the preparation and presentation of food items. Culinary artists serve in a range of workplaces such as hotels, restaurants, catering, and in private clubs and homes. Culinarians are appreciated and presented with opportunities on an international level. Global travel is within the scope of many professional chefs, as their skills are needed everywhere. As the consumers' demands for quality nutrition increase, so must the knowledge and training of the culinarian.
Possible Careers for CulinariansChefs and Cooks - These professionals directly prepare food in various establishments such as restaurants, hotels, institutions and other places.
Food and Beverage Controllers - Purchase ingredients on a large scale for hotels as well as monitor stock of food supplies.
Food and Beverage Managers - Manage food and beverage outlets in hotels and similar venues.
Consultants and Design Specialists - Work with restaurateurs to create and design menus, dining rooms, and institute kitchen procedures.
Salespersons - Introduce chefs and restaurant owners to new equipment and ingredients via demonstrations and tastings.
Teachers - Train and educate potential culinary artists in a classroom environment.
Food Writers and Critics - Educate the public on trends in food, chefs and restaurants. Positions in newspapers, magazines, book-publishing and television are options.
Food Stylists and Photographers - Work with magazines, books, catalogs and television programs to create appealing visual representations.
Researchers and Developers - Develop innovative products for commercial manufacturers. Assist in testing for publications, restaurants and grocers.
Entrepreneur - Culinary arts provides an opportunity to open a new business. This can include a restaurant, bakery, specialty food manufacturer, or bar. 
Culinary Education & Training
A culinary education can be found all around the world. It is not uncommon for culinary schools to focus their cuisine based on their region. Look closely into the schools program to decipher if it meets your educational needs. Most culinary art schools offer a variety of field specialties such as restaurant management and hospitality and/ or pastry chef and baking.  
ChefTalk has a great page that students review the institution to help you choose the right school for you! Check that out HERE
CaterSource®, Inc. was created in 1992 by Michael Roman and Bernice Phillips. The primary business of CaterSource is to provide support and education for professional caterers.

Chef Titles

Following are several titles given to those working in a professional kitchen. Each is considered a title for a different type of chef. Many are designations originated by Georges August Escoffier in his documentation of the brigade system,
a.k.a. Brigade de cuisine. Others have a less specific meaning depending on individual kitchens. Keeping that in mind, many kitchens will not use the titles below. Depending on the kitchen, a unique set of guidelines for organization 
may exist. A hierarchy of specialized chef titles are typically only present in fine-dining or upscale restaurants. Casual dining restaurants' employees are usually referred to simply as "cook".
Executive Chef - The Executive chef is the captain of the kitchen. He takes the lead in everything, including the creation of a menu, staffing and restaurant finances. Executive chefs have a wealth of cooking experience, and 
actively cook in the kitchen. They are also heavily involved with kitchen management and business. Executive chefs are sometimes referred to by the traditional French nomenclature, "Chef de Cuisine". This is common 
mostly in European kitchens, or those American kitchens with have adopted the brigade system.
Sous Chef (pronounced: soo chef) - Sous chefs are the deputy chefs of the kitchen. They are the next in line to the Executive chef, and act as direct assistant. This chef is in charge of scheduling kitchen staff, and also act as 
an understudy for the Executive chef. Not every establishment hires a sous chef, however, very large venues may have several.
Expediter, a.k.a. Announcer or Aboyeur - This person takes orders from the dining room and tells them to kitchen staff. The expediter also assists in plating, often putting the final touch on a dish before it is served to 
diners. In some kitchens this position is filled by the sous or executive chef.
Chef de Partie - This name refers to a line cook or station chef. A chef de partie is a specialist, in charge of a particular area of the kitchen. In large operations each station has one Chef de Partie, assisted by several other 
cooks. However, the typical arrangement is one chef per station. Within the station chef hierarchy there are "First Cooks", "Second Cooks", and so on. The brigade system divides the different station chefs as follows: 
Saute Chef, Fish Chef, Roast Chef, Grill Chef, Fry Chef, Vegetable Chef, Roundsman (or "swing cook"), Pantry Chef, Butcher and Pastry Chef.





Food Industry Media, News & Publications

Food Industry News Chicago's local Food industry trade publication  
Food Industry Resources

The Chef's Selections was the first in a series of resource books specifically designed to assist in the creativity of individual food service professionals. 

Professional Chefs Association 
A national organization of chefs and those associated with the food service industry.The P.C.A. offers the required education courses to reach your certification goals. 

Escoffier On Line 
The Web Portal for Chefs and Food Professionals. Web Resource Directory for Chefs, Hospitality Education and Scholarship Information, Classifieds Area with Guaranteed Help Wanted Ads and Free Job Seekers Area, Articles, Photo Gallery and more. 
Occupational Outlook
The occupational outlook for culinary professionals (including chefs & cooks, restaurateurs, restaurant managers, dietary consultants, gastronomists and nutritionists) is generally good, with "as fast as the average" growth. 
In recent times a college education with formal certification and qualification is necessary for success in this profession. There are several conventions around the U.S. This may be a fantastic way to gather information. 
Professional Trade Associations & Organizations & Forums

Catering Magazine 
Catering Magazine is the only national business-to-business trade magazine dedicated to the professional catering industry. The bimonthly magazine reaches more than 16,000 readers.
USPCA - United States Personal Chef Association - USPCA provides a one-stop shop for everything you need to effectively and efficiently manage your Personal Chef business as well as the NETWORK with other Personal Chefs to help you grow your Personal Chef business. - A food lovers link to professional chefs

Hundreds of test-kitchen recipes, cooking tips, nutrition and food articles. Ideas to help you entertain with elegant culinary cuisine or plan a nutritious & delicious meal. thousands of recipes, search by ingredient, occasion or category for amazing ideas
Restaurant & Kitchen Products

Chef Depot  - They have everything for your kitchen, all at the lowest prices! Maple Kitchen Tables, prep carts, cutting boards and more! Every item they sell is Chef tested for quality and value. 

Butcher Block Co  - A leading online distributor of premium kitchen furniture and accessories. As their name suggests, they specialize in butcher block.

Cynthia's Kitchen Store  - Kitchen Accessories, Serving Trays, Canisters & Platters. Offering high quality kitchen accessories, canisters, containers, and handcrafted serving trays & platters. 

Isola Imports, Inc. - Shop online for imported, gourmet Italian foods. Over 400 products and gifts. 

Dinnerware World Kitchen stores carry all World Kitchen brands as well as a wide selection of Corelle Accessories, flatware, glassware and other kitchen essential products.


Restaurant Directories

Twin Cities Dining Guide The twin cities dining guide has over 3,000 Minneapolis / St. Paul restaurants listed alphabetically and by location, cuisine, brunch, kid-friendly, with maps and door-to-door directions. 


Chicago Magazine Dining GuideThis exclusive list includes restaurants that have received at least one star from Chicago dining critics. Search by restaurant name or use the filters to find the perfect place to dine. - features detailed reviews of hundreds of top New York restaurants written by our editors and visitors, as well as reviews of every type of cuisine and recommendations of great places to eat in all five boroughs. 


Safety and Quality Control
Internation Association for Food Protection This non-profit organizations helps to keep members up-to-date with developments in food safety and sanitation
Food Safety Government food safety information.
Food Safety and Inspection Service This organization is responsible for providing safe and properly packaged commercial meat, poultry, and eggs.
US Food and Drug Administration Protects and Promotes Health in the U.S.
How to Prepare for a Health Inspection What to do before, during, and after a visit from the Health Inspector.

Software & Technology

Cooks Palate Recipe Software  - Award winning recipe management software with options to publish a cookbook for personal use, business, or fundraising activities. Perfect for creating family cookbooks to pass down from generation to generation.

Chef TecChefTec Plus is the essential tool for managing inventory and food costing for the foodservice professional.
Uniforms & Professional Apparel

Dansko  - It's in every Dansko shoe, whether it's a summer sandal or a winter boot. You know it the minute you slip your foot into your shoe, the feeling of, "Ahhhhh, my Danskos!"