How to Keep My Chef Coat White When it is Anything But White When I Go Home?

How to Keep My Chef Coat White When it is Anything But White When I Go Home?

Published by Susan W on Nov 28th 2017

Your iconic white chef coat is likely not going to stay white long with use. Whether you are a line cook or the Executive Chef, looking sharp in crisp white is key to maintaining your respect in the kitchen. Following a few basic laundering tips and taking the extra time to do it right, will ensure a long life for your investment.

It is important to have several clean coats handy and rotate their wearing. This will help ease last minute laundering and keep a supply of clean coats ready for work. Rotating the coats will also prevent excessive wear and tear to the coat fabric.


The key to keeping a chef's coat white is to treat the stains as soon as possible. Prompt washing will help to remove those stains more easily, as well as body oil and soil and the cooking odors that can permeate fabric.

Pre-soaking is a critical step in stain removal. It is okay if the soiled area has naturally dried, but pre-soaking will not be effective if the garment has gone through the washing and drying process.

  • 1.Fill a sink or bucket with WARM water (NOT hot and NOT cold)
  • 2.Apply Dawn Liquid Dish soap over soiled areas and allow to sit for at least 15 minutes.
  • 3.Let the garment soak in the warm water for an extended period of time, preferably overnight.

Specific Stains:

Red Wine

Pour white wine over soiled area. Proceed with normal pre-soaking, washing and drying instructions.

Tomato Sauce

Pour white vinegar over soiled areas. Work it around, rinse with warm water. Proceed with normal pre-soaking, washing and drying instructions.


Pour warm water over soiled areas. Proceed with normal pre-soaking, washing and drying instructions.


Always wash like colors together. It goes without saying that your chef whites do not belong in the same load with your girlfriends red terrycloth robe (or boyfriends, not judging!) You will be going to work with a lovely pink chef coat.

To Wash Your Chef Coat:

  • 1.Do not overcrowd the washing machine
  • 2.Use the longest cycle available
  • 3.Choose WARM/WARM setting only (NOT hot and NOT cold)
  • 4.For the first time washing colors, add one cup of white vinegar to the load in addition to a high quality detergent. This improves the fabrics color retention.
  • 5.DO NOT put the garment in the dryer until it has been inspected and all stains have been cleaned. Now is the time to repeat soaking and washing if there are any residues of stains.


NEVER dry garments using high heat (Even if you’re late for work!) and NEVER dry garments to completion.

We recommend the following directions:

  • 1.Do not overload dryer
  • 2.Use the permanent press setting or the lowest temperature possible – never use high heat.
  • 3.Remove items from the dryer BEFORE they are completely dry
  • 4.Hang up items to avoid wrinkles.

Build Your Own Chef Coat


To bring your older dingy coat back to life, soak it overnight in an oxygen based whitener. (Tide Oxi, OxiClean, etc) never use bleach. Over the life of your coat, chlorine based bleach will actually start yellowing your beautiful white and can fade any embroidery you have on the coat.

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